Professional Massage Therapy

By Nancy Catherine Weaver, LMT

Young Living

I use only the highest quality of essential oils in my practice as I believe my clients are worth the investment and Young Living is also what I use at home for myself and my young daughter. The benefits of aromatherapy are vast and truly impacting. After a good intake we can decide together on which oils might be best suited for you and your session. There's a variety of properties in each oil and whether you're seeking to relieve anxiety or depression, boost energy levels, speed up a healing process, alleviate a headache, strengthen the immune system, reduce pain, improve digestion, increase circulation, boost cognition, or induce sleep... we can find one that helps! If you'd like to learn more about these oils, please contact me. If you're interested in expanding your aromatherapy experience into your home you can follow the link to their direct website below and become a member as well. I don't sell these oils, but as a member I have the advantage of buying them wholesale and there's no membership fee. I simply believe in supporting my health holistically and economically. Welcome to your journey into the beautiful, natural and powerful world of essential oils!