Professional Massage Therapy

By Nancy Catherine Weaver, LMT

Services And Rates

Pictured above: Ashiatsu (Barefoot Massage)


Description of Services



Ashiatsu is a Japanese form of barefoot massage which translates to mean "foot pressure," - Ashi meaning "foot" and atsu meaning "pressure." I have specialized in practicing this unique and ancient modality since 2011 and have received Advanced training through two certification courses. Some of the primary differences between a traditional massage and Ashiatsu are that I use my feet and gauge the gravity of my body weight to provide a broader pressure, stabilizing myself with sturdy overhead bars and scarves hanging alongside for extra mobility and balance. This creative concept is particularly recommended for those clients in search of a deeper tissue massage without the intensity of trigger point work. Still perfectly relaxing while reducing aches and pains, this technique increases circulation, lymphatic drainage and stimulates energy flow.


Deep Tissue Massage

Deep Tissue Massage typically includes a foundation from Swedish Massage, incorporating similar technique styles such as compression, effleurage, petrissage, friction/vibration, possibly tapotement/percussion and ROM (Range of Motion) joint movements, muscle stripping, and more. However, the Deep Tissue Massage is directed toward the deeper tissue structures of the muscle and fascia, and more often than not in my personal practice it can include some Trigger Point Therapy for specific problem areas. Trigger Point Therapy first started appearing in medical studies in the early 1940's and focuses on relieving myofascial pain and dysfunction. This innovative and clinical technique is recommended for those clients looking for pain relief and a deeper therapeutic session targeting hyperirritable points of tenderness or discomfort. My motto is "Do No Harm" and I work with careful communication to keep your session comfortable and deeply relaxing while providing pain relief. 


Hot Stone Massage

The general idea behind using Hot Stones in a massage is to cause vasodilatation (the dilatation of blood vessels and decrease of blood pressure), to increase circulation and slightly raise the white blood cell count which boosts the immune system. The stones are used in my hands throughout the majority of the massage along with gentle to moderate pressure to allow the muscles to melt and release tension. I use Hot Himalayan Pink Salt Stones as opposed to the common black, Basalt Hot Stones to gain the extra benefits of their grounding and purifying properties. These Salt Stones gently exfoliate to promote naturally smooth and silky skin while improving sleep and balancing the central nervous system to soothe away stress. They also help neutralize toxins, eliminate allergens, produce negative ions, mitigates unnatural frequencies and clears electromagnetic smog. Temperature controlled and addictive, these Pink Himalayan Hot Stones are recommended for any client desiring to step up their typical relaxation massage experience by adding something fresh and new.


Prenatal (Pregnancy) Massage 

While Ashiatsu & Hot Stone Massage may be contraindicated during pregnancy, this massage is designed specifically for you and your wonderfully transitioning body. Contrary to popular and dated belief, it is perfectly safe to receive massage therapy during every trimester of pregnancy as long as it feels comfortable for the expectant mother. Should you have any personal concerns please consult your OBGYN for a referral prior to booking an appointment. Relative precautions are still taken and health intakes are primarily considered. I have received board approved certification for Prenatal Thai and Prenatal Deep Tissue and I practice using the side-lying position as opposed to prone and supine in order to support the belly, hips and low back. Plenty of bolstering and nurturing care is taken for these sessions and are even suggested for the post-natal body's comfort as well. Adding Aromatherapy with an essential oil blend such as "Gentle Baby" or "Joy," or even a simple "Peppermint," or "Tangerine" oil by Young Living can help to ease morning sickness, stress, fatigue or brain fog. Prenatal Massage is nature's best medicine.



My Aromatherapy can be added on to any service. From as gentle as Prenatal to as deep as Ashiatsu, adding an essential oil to your massage session will elevate the benefits and upgrade your outcome. I've used Young Living essential oils in my practice and in my home since 2005 and my knowledge and appreciation for their pure, high quality and naturally healing properties only continues to grow. A personal intake for your lifestyle, general health, and desired outcome are considered before choosing together what would best enhance and support your sense of well being. If you have a specific request for an oil prior to treatment and I don't have it in stock I can order it just for you. An inventory of my oils can be provided upon request and any further inquiries regarding purchase of oils or becoming a distributor yourself can be emailed or discussed over the phone. These oils are custom added in your carrier oil to be applied topically and are diffused into the air. There is a perfect oil for you. 


Swedish Massage

Ahh, the classic relaxation massage: the Swedish... the base foundation for most all other massage modalities. This massage is a perfect introduction into the world of massage therapy if you are a new-comer, if you haven't received bodywork in a long time, or if you prefer the lighter to more moderate of pressures so you can simply decompress and take a deep breath to exhale. My aim with Swedish is to transport the client away from daily distractions and to help gently reconnect with their present mind, body and soul. Long, fluid strokes and seamless applications of kneading, rocking, compressions and gentle stretching flow throughout these sessions. Stress can be a highly impacting effect of life, but the Swedish Massage is a great escape. I particularly enjoy adding on the 15 minute scalp treatment to this massage just to finish the session with a mind at ease.    


PLEASE NOTE: New Prices listed effective 01/01/2022

Aromatherapy Add-on$20.00 / each
Ashiatsu (Barefoot Massage)$170.00 / 90 minutes
Ashiatsu (Barefoot Massage)$120.00 / 60 minutes
Ashiatsu (Barefoot Massage)$85.00 / 30 minutes
Deep Tissue Massage$70.00 / 30 minutes
Deep Tissue Massage$100.00 / 60 minutes
Deep Tissue Massage$130.00 / 90 minutes
Hot Stone Therapy$100.00 / 60 minutes
Hot Stone Therapy$130.00 / 90 minutes
Pre-Natal/Pregnancy Massage$95.00 / 60 minutes
Pre-Natal/Pregnancy Massage$125.00 / 90 minutes
Scalp Massage Add-on$25.00 / 15 minutes
Swedish Massage$115.00 / 90 minutes
Swedish Massage$85.00 / 60 minutes
Swedish Massage$55.00 / 30 minutes
Thai Massage$130.00 / 90 minutes
Thai Massage$100.00 / 60 minutes